In a world filled with constant notifications, overwhelming demands, and non-stop stressors, anxiety seems to have become an unwelcome constant in our lives. What if I told you that a simple shift in perspective could help you combat anxiety? This shift is adopting a gratitude-oriented mindset.

During my early years as a marketing lead in a in a large cpg firm, anxiety was my constant companion. Deadlines, performance pressures, and the urge to keep up with the pace led to sleepless nights filled with worry. However, an enlightening encounter with our CEO turned my perspective around.

Our CEO believed in a culture of Gratitudinal Leadership, which meant fostering an environment of appreciation and gratitude. She had this amazing practice of sending out weekly gratitude emails acknowledging everyone’s hard work, however small or large their contribution. Initially, I saw it as a nice gesture but didn’t realize its profound impact until I experienced it first-hand.

One week, amidst a particularly stressful project, I found my name in the CEO’s gratitude email. She appreciated my tireless effort and commitment to the project. That simple act of gratitude, coming from a place of genuine appreciation, was a powerful catalyst. It helped me take a step back, appreciate my own efforts, and switch my focus from constant worry to acknowledging my achievements.

This practice is backed by science too. A study published in the Journal of Research in Personality found that gratitude can significantly decrease anxiety and depression. The researchers concluded that a grateful heart has the power to bring about a positive psychological state, essentially acting as a shield against negative emotions and anxiety.

When we focus on our blessings, we slowly begin to shift our attention away from our anxieties. It doesn’t mean that we are ignoring our problems. Instead, we’re choosing to focus on the positive aspects of our lives, reducing the spotlight on our stressors.

Implementing gratitude in your routine can be simple. It might start with a ‘thank you’ note to a colleague or recognizing your own accomplishments at the end of the day. At the start-up, we even started team meetings with quick rounds of individual gratitude sharing, further reinforcing this positive culture.

In essence, gratitude is a powerful tool against anxiety. By acknowledging and expressing gratitude for the positives in our life, we can reframe our mindset, ultimately reducing anxiety. It’s time to embrace gratitude and let it lead us to a path of less anxiety and more peace.


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